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Dip Coating Services

Dip Coating Services

  • Partial or Full Coatings and Masks, (Permanent or Removable)
  • Industrial Process Masks to "reserve" partial areas for further processing
  • Sound dampening coatings for parts transfer trays, wire baskets, conveyor side guides, etc.
  • Cushioning & Protection for parts being processed in metal trays and baskets. (Recoating capabilities also extends tray and basket life.)
  • Protective Coating for baskets used in plating operations
  • Protective & Decorative Coatings for Metal Shelving & Other Metal Parts
  • Permanent or removable coatings are available depending on your individual application.
  • Direct coating of Tools, Tool Handles and Grips for insulation and comfort.
  • Prototype Coating Projects
  • Coated transport racks to cushion and prevent damage to glass, painted surfaces and other components while in transit and during loading and unloading.

 A wide range of Stock PVC Colors and Durometers are offered. We also offer color matching, custom colors and special order Durometers.

We offer secondary operations such as imprinting, punching, cutting, slicing etc.

One to quantity is too small or too large.

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